Gedicht: Taverna Panorama

Taverna Panorama

Sailing the coast off Kerkyra, the weather’s looking very fair.
Passing the port of Petriti, long time since we’ve been there.
Just round the rocks off the corner, a jetty came into sight.
It led straight to a taverna, we thought we’d stop for the night.

So we dropped our bow anchor, and came stern to on the pier.
The owner came and took our lines, he said ‘’You are welcome here’’
So we went to his gardens, and saw a wonderful sight.
There were bananas mixed with tropical palms, it was such a delight.

Welcome to Taverna Panorama, at this time of the year, you can anchor here.
Come and see and smell the bougainvillea. If you want a beer, you can get one here.

At night we went to the restaurant, to drink and fill our appetite.
Mousakas and stiffado, this food was cooked for the night.
And so I said to the waiter, ‘’Please bring us some wine.’’
He said, ‘’We’ve been making it ourselves since 1969.’’

We took a walk to Petriti, to see if it had changed.
There was a footpath leading there, with pretty goats on the way.
Then we returned to Panorama, to find a hammock that was right.
It is such a no-stress zone, we call it ‘’Paradise’’.

Fun and games at the taverna. If the thunder’s here, best not use the pier.
Cast off our lines from the pier. Let the anchor swing, then good for everything.

When we woke up next morning, tripper boats did arrive.
The tourists only had one hour, not much time in paradise.
And so they bathed in the sea pool, or they went for a beer.
Soon they had to leave this place, I bet they shed a tear.

All that remained were the yachties, the English and the Dutch.
And when I started to play the guitar, some said ‘’Thanks very much’’.
Next day we had to leave that place. With waters that were clear.
We sailed down to Preveza, but we’ll be back next year.

Welcome to Taverna Panorama. Such a beautiful place, there’s no need to race.
Come here and relax. It is oh so nice, we call it ‘’Paradise’’

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